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The Temple of Luxor

On the east bank of the Nile river and at the same line of Karnak Temple, there is another symbol of the Egyptian civilization and a legend of world legendary, it is the Luxor temple which told and still tells the greatness of Egyptian people and civilization.

It has been built for worshiping of Amon Ra`a, Moot, and Khonso the Gods who are called Tibian Trinity, based on a plan put through the middle state, the second transmission age, and at the beginning of the modern state.


The most outstanding important buildings in the temple which is built by the king Amon Hotob from the eighteen family and the king Ramses from nineteen family. Also there has been a triplicity compartment destroyed since the queen Hatshepsut era and the kind 3rd Tohotmos from the eighteen family, and has been rebuilt since the king 2nd Ramses.


After that, the kings has changed some of the temple`s inscriptions, for example which included the scenes of " Obet" feast in the era of Tut Ankh Amon Hormoheb, in addition to the scenes of the Holy Boat in the era of the Great Alexander.


It is connected to the Karnak Temple via sheep way ( Alkebash way), and at the entrance of the Temple you will find the Obelisk which built by 2nd Ramses to depict his military achievements and defending enemies. Inside, you will find a room called the delivery room, in it you will find inscriptions reveal the holy delivery of 3rd Amonhotob as a one of Amon sons. And in his seeking to satisfy the priest of Amon, Amonhotob recorded inscriptions and drawings glorifies Amon Ra`a and show his favor on the livings and life in general.


2nd  Ramses has been participated in the building of the Temple, he has been added an open yard and a large building in the purpose of religious festivals, also built a two large Obelisks provided with an inscriptions showing his


 achievements and campaign against Hittites, in particular the battle of Kaddish which fought to ensure the state border, and to add a new lands to expand its border, also he has been built a huge statues embodied him and standing between the columns classes referring to the laws which have basis and foundations, applied to all without discrimination.

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