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Sound & Light Sho

 here gives you an idea about one of the most attractive Spectacles, it is the Sound & Light Show in Egypt.

Since earliest times many visitors came to Egypt as they still come today from all over the world, to see what cannot be seen in other countries & to enjoy he wonders & blessings that God has given to this land.

They come to see the sites of great civilizations hat flourished when the world was still in darkness. They come to see the artistic & architectural heritage that has immortalized these different civilizations.

For centuries we have attempted to recover the glorious achievements of the past from these immortal ruins, the ruins which until the past 20 years were merely peaceful, still pictures suggestive of man’s genius.


Today modern technology & scientific progress have made expression possible for that which was once silent & motionless.

It is the miracle of art & science in the 20th century, a miracle combining both applied science & pure art, which creates the Sound & Light Show.

This modern artistic spectacle began to spread following its 1st exhibition at the Versailles palace. Then it came to the banks of the Nile:

  • First at the Giza pyramids in 1961, where sphinx tells us the secrets of history & relates examples, experiences, & sensations from the past.
  • Then in 1962 the Salah El-Din Citadel began to tell us the history of an immortal brave city, the city of Cairo.
  • Since 1972 Karnak has revealed its secrets in one of the largest, most recent, & outstanding Sound & Light Shows in the world. It tells of the past of the immortal city of Thebes, introducing its monuments in a spectacular artistic representation combining vivid pictures, a dramatic scenario, & expressive music.

We are before a magnificent spectacle, in which sound, music, & light effects harmonize to present a panorama in which civilizations dead for thousands of years are reborn, a scene in which the heroes of antiquity arise greater & more powerful than in life, while voices echoing from the past reveal the secrets & philosophies of our ancestors.

we highlights an important issue, that the Sound & Light Show has great educational & cultural value. It has aroused an interest in culture & the desire of thousands of visitors for more knowledge.

The Sound & Light Show s an audio visual educational tool presenting science, art & culture in an appealing manner.


This Sound & Light Show has enriched a new kind of tourism, night tourism. The lighting effects on the historical monuments produce a unique experience of imagination & unforgettable memories.

The site, illuminated by the light of the moon, of course was poetic & had a serene beauty, but the Sound & Light Show made that, which was once limited monthly to a few nights, now possible every night of the year.

we remind you that Sound & Light Show is available every night, after sunset, & presented in different languages such as English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian & even in Arabic sometimes. Each show is almost one hour, Try to go, enjoy.

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