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Suez Canal, Ismailia, Port Saeed

       For ages, the Suez Canal region has been strategic area for all civilizations. It represented the only link between Asia & Africa whether for trade invading armies. Much effort was spent in trying to link the Mediterranean & Red Seas.

The 1st attempt to dig a canal linking the two seas was in2100 BC. In 1900 BC. The pharaohs dug a canal inking the Bitter Lakes with the Nile River. It was called the Pharaoh’s canal. In Al Karnak temple in Luxor, there are engravings portraying that canal.

In about 285 BC. during the time of Ptolemy another canal was dug. In about 100 BC. Roman Emperor Tragan dug a canal that met the Nile River near Cairo.


          In modern times, at the time of French invasion in 1798, Napoleon was eager to dig the canal but the project was cancelled.

In 1854, Dellisips sought permission from Khedive Saeed o start work on the canal. Digging started in 1858 with the labor of farmers brought from all over Egypt.


          In 1869 during the time of Khedive Ismail, the canal was officially inaugurated with a large celebration, Symphony of Aida was presented especially for that occasion.

In 1882, Britain gained control of Egypt & the canal established a covenant giving Britain control of the canal for 99 years.


          After Revolution of 1952, Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal Company.

Events followed in succession to that area, Triple Aggression by Britain, France, & Israel in1956.

Then the canal was closed after the 67 War against Israel.

In October 1973 control of the Suez Canal was again with the Egyptians.


          The length of the Suez Canal is now more than 200 km. 200 m. wide, the canal has undergone widening & deepening several times….


          Port Saeed City is about 220 km. northeast of Cairo. Suez Canal Organization & Port Saeed Harbor are located there.

Among the tourist sites in Port Saeed are Dellisips’ Armlet shore, Port Saeed Museum, & the Martyr’s Monument.


          Ismailia is on Crocodile Lake between Port Saeed & Suez. It is about 120 km. from Cairo, it was founded 1864.

Ismailia was distinguished for its large public gardens, clean wide streets, & its calm atmosphere.


          The entrance to Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel is 27 m. north of Suez, a tunnel that stretches along the bottom of the canal to link the western bank with the eastern bank in Sanai.


          Suez is the southern entry to the Suez Canal on the Red Sea. The city is about 130 km. east of Cairo. 



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